Passionfruit Peach Scent

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a delightful tropical blend of passionfruit and ripe peach

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This is a somewhat categorized list of all of our current scents. They are broken up by theme, but this is only for reference in this guide. They are not broken up by theme in product listings.

Borderlands: Fan Edition

  • Crunk Bunny - smells of warm spice cake with hints of pumpkin under the bakery sweetness
  • Butt Stallion - for mango lovers, this is a fresh and sweet mix of mango and berry
  • I Punch the Initiative - probably our fruitiest scent yet with notes of pomegranate, blood orange, apple, and pineapple
  • Blood Feeeuuud - smokey and spicy with a hint of vanilla and chestnuts for those who want to get into woody/spicy scents but are scared by them
  • Make It Rain - a fresh scent for those that love the smell of clean laundry on a rainy day
  • Pink Pandoracorn - sweet notes of vanilla and amber along with rich pistachio cake and some added cardamom for extra warmth.

ACOTAR Agaaaiiiiin

  • The General - smells like rich kukui nut, lime, and hints of sea breeze. To me this smells like summer in a bottle
  • The Shadowsinger - as complex as Azriel himself, this is a mix of sea air, grapefruit, ozone, and eucalytpus
  • Dreamer Born Into Nightmares - warm vanilla, amber, musk, and rich berries
  • High Lady of the Night Court - a yummy combination of fresh sugar cane, vanilla, and ripe pears
  • A Beautiful Monster - fresh lemongrass and sweet dragonfruit blend together for a light, fruity scent
  • High Lord of the Night Court - citrusy pomelos and fresh sea air blend together for a clean citrus scent

Crescent City

  • Memento Mori - a light, sweet scent of macarons with a hint of cherries, patchouli, and sandalwood.
  • Starborn - rich in vanilla and amber, this scent has underlying notes of tonka bean and musk.
  • The Asteri - an alluring bakery blend of rich waffles, pecans, and hint of sweetness from concord grapes.
  • The Under King - floral roses blends with the sweetness of milk and honey and a touch of spice.
  • The Oracle - mandarin and musk blend with jasmine and amber for a complex scent that's probably my new favorite!
  • The Fallen - a blend of golden apricot, warm pralines, and peonies for a very light floral note.
  • The Star-Eater - a sweet floral combination of sugar cane, tiare flower, and plumeria. I'm sensitive to floral scents and this one smells more fruity than floral to me.
  • Light it Up - a delicious combination of pastry and chocolate with a hint of cardamom.
  • The Viper Queen - a sweet mix of rich shea butter with the a slightly floral note from rosehips and lychee.
  • Umbra Mortis - a fresh clean scent of rain and ozone.
  • Luna's Horn - fresh and bright citrus with a hinot of sea salt
  • Lele - a sweet and floral combination of rose, amber, sea salt, and pistachios
  • Prince of the Chasm - ripe blackberries, cane sugar, amber and patchouli mix together with a hint of citrus in a sophisticated scent
  • Alphahole - fresh clean air, ocean mist, and woody amber and cedar mix for a fresh, masculine scent

The Thirteen

  • Edda - a mouth watering mix of ripe peach, maple, and a hint of smoke.
  • Briar - a fresh green scent of cucumber and cactus flower with a hint of salt.
  • Thea - this one smells like delicious candied kumquats!
  • Kaya - honey and apples blend together with tonka bean for a yummy, but sophisticated scent
  • Imogen - tropical spices and black amber mix for a warm, summery scent.
  • Ghislaine - pomegranate and sweet orange with a hint of vanilla and pink amber. This one has a surprisingly strong floral scent to it.
  • Manon - a complex mix of fresh vetiver, sweet pistachio milk, and neroli.
  • Asterin - a rich clove base with orange zest and charred sandalwood.
  • Sorrel - smells like an adult creamsicle with bright Tuscan blood orange, vanilla, and a hint o spice.
  • Vesta - briny sea air mixed with blue cotton candy and sweet bourbon with a hint of smoke.
  • Fallon - a sweet moody mix of currants, black raspberry, vanilla, and a hint of sandalwood.
  • Faline - a bright and sweet mix of currents, peach, ginger, and sandalwood.

February 2020

  • Who Dat - smells of king cake so lots of cinnamon, sweet icing, and pastry.
  • C^3 (coconut cardamom cake) - coconut and cardamom mingle together with a hint of cake in the bottom note.
  • White Girl Wasted - one of the original scents we made years ago, this smells of moscato and juicy fruit.
  • Passionfruit Peach - a delightful tropical blend of passionfruit and ripe peach


  • Tequila Time? Anytime - fresh lime, a bite of tequila, and a hint of beach air.
  • One in a Melon - pure honey dew and cantaloupe mix with a hint of berry.
  • Tutti Frutti - all of the tropical fruit blended into one fruit-packed scent!
  • Coco-nuts For You - fresh coconut mingles with banana bread and a hint of almond.
  • Fine-apple - smells of ripe and juicy pineapples

Winter 2019

  • Oh, Sugar Plum! - brown sugar and plum blend together in this warm yet fruity scent
  • Toasted Marshmallow - warm and toasty marshmallow, enough said.
  • Peppermint Scream - cool peppermint mixes with vanilla marshmallows
  • Poison Apple - ripe and fruity with green apples and warm cider spices
  • Better Watch Out - cinnamon and toasty hazelnuts mix with vanilla and warm chestnut
  • Naughty or Nice - this one smells like all of the holiday desserts: pumpkin pie, pecan pie, and a hint of gingerbread.
  • Fireplace Embers - a warm, masculine scent with a hint of tobacco, vanilla, smoke, and rich cedar.

Fall 2019

  • Scream Queen - smells of all things fall: sweetness, cinnamon, and a hint of apple and pumpkin.
  • Child's Play - Chucky could drive anyone to drink so this smells like holiday candy and bourbon.
  • Pumpkin Spice - warm pumpkin mixes with cardamom for a new twist on pumpkin spice.
  • Loved to Death - floral and a hint of clean cologne mingle together.
  • Fangbanger - bright cantaloupe and berry mix with cool fall air and a hint of spice. If you love Rhaegal, you'll love this too!


  • Bad Apple - Smells of all things apple and spice, perfect for fall.
  • Gorgon's Revenge - rich pistachio macarons mingle with a hint of dry tobacco and bayleaf. It's how I imagine Medusa's cave would smell.
  • Lure - If you've ever wanted to smell like a Siren from Greek myth, this is the scent for you: fresh sea air mingles with a hint of tropical fruits.
  • Forest Hag - smells of cinnamon and spice, brown sugar and pumpkin, and a hint of crisp fall air.
  • Witch Better Have My Candy - all things candy with notes of gingerbread

Game of Thrones

  • Lemon Cakes - notes of sweet almond, powdered sugar, and bright citrus fruits.
  • Night's Watch - a more masculine scent, this smells of clean air, a hint of musk and amber
  • Rhaegal - a complex mix of bright tropical fruits and cold crisp eucalyptus and lemon peel
  • Drogon - coconut milk blends with citrus zest and warm vanilla and spice
  • Viserion - bright lemon mixes with the sweetness of bourbon and hints of lavender and spicy hops.
  • Fire and Blood - mist and smoke blend with sweet cake 
  • We Do Not Sow - briny ocean air mixes with sweet bourbon vanilla for a warm and clean scent
  • Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken - this scent is all things warm and summery: rich, tropical fruits and warm summer air


  • Banshees Are In - hands down my favorite scent, this is a complex mix of tonka bean, burnt sandalwood, and sweet cotton candy.


    • Fumimancy - a mix of pistachio, angel food cake, macarons, and charred sandalwood for a deliciously complex scent.
    • Floramancy - a green scent full of bright cactus flower, lime, and spring greenery.
    • Noctemancy - a spicy mix of cinnamon, sage, bourbon, vanilla, and a hint of sandalwood.
    • Amormancy - a luscious tropical blend of pineapple, bubblegummy jackfruit, and tropical spices.
    • Tasseomancy - smells of all things tea: spicy chai, earthy red tea, and fruity herbal tea.
    • Sanguinomancy - another complex one, this smells of ripe peaches, sandalwood, and floral notes of Pikake flowers.
    • Pyromancy - spicy mix of cinnamon candies and burnt sugar.
    • Glaciomancy - this one evokes some pretty strong childhood memories for me of being home on a snow day while my grandmother bakes a treat for all of us. It's wintry skies with a hint of baking cake.
    • Dracomancy - some dragons were thought to hoard riches and wealth so this one combines rich and clean scents: Tahitian vanilla, Scotch, brine, and a touch of caramel.

    Activities for Kids

    • Let's Go to the Beach - a fun beachy mix of coconut, lemongrass, and salt water
    • Clowns Are Fun - a fun combination of fruit loops and kettle corn
    • Easy Bake Coven - birthday cake mingles with butterscotch and bourbon
    • Electrokinesis for Beginners - coconut rice pudding blends with rose and cognac
    • Let's Dig for Treasure - an enticing mix of pineapple, peach, chocolate, rice flower, and red tea
    • Let's Talk to Ghosts - a refreshing mix of grapefruit and honeyed pineapple


    • Krampus Klaws - smells of everything spicy and gingerbread with a little added touch of sweet chai.
    • Santa's Slay - equal parts cinnamon and cooling peppermint.
    • Pumpkin King - warming combination of clove, cardamom, bourbon, and pumpkin.
    • Never Feed It After Midnight - gingersnap cookies combine with the decadent scent of s'mores and a touch of cool fall air.
    • Cheer of Fear? - pepper and cinnamon mix with sweet vanilla and cherry tobacco.
    • What's This?! - a blend of freshly fallen snow, cinnamon, fir, and vanilla.
    • You're a Mean One - A Grinch-approved blend of pistachio, cake, and sea salt.
    • Peppermint The perfect holiday blend of cooling peppermint and Christmas trees.
    • Ribbon Candy Smells of all the candy!
    • Sugar Plum Fairy Sweet sugar plums blend with vanilla and amber.
    • Unnamed Soap that Needs a Label - Blend of freshly fallen snow, cinnamon candies, and whiskey.

    Haunting of Hill House

    • Screaming Meemies - floral bergamot combines with rich vanilla and whisky and a hint of holiday spices.
    • The Red Door - woody juniper and sage with vanilla poached pears.
    • Scattered - a very fruity scent of sweet blueberry jam, apple and a hint of herbaceous sage.
    • Witness Marks - a complex mix of fresh mint, basil, sweet nectarines and cookie dough.
    • Come Home Nell - combines floral notes of absinthe with the earthy scents of vanilla, sandalwood, and a hint of cedar.
    • The Twin Thing - simultaneously smells of bright fruity blackberry and caramel popcorn.
    • The Bent-neck Lady - cinnamon candies mingles with crisp pear, dry quince, and amber.


    • The False Shepherd - Much like Booker himself, this is a complex scent of tobacco, vanilla, sandalwood, bourbon, and spices.
    • The Lamb - inspired by all of the things I imagine Elizabeth missed out on, this smells of holiday pumpkin pie, warm almond cookies, and a hint of vanilla.
    • Little Fish - a rich blend of chocolate and cherries making it smell just like a cherry cordial.
    • Beyond the Sea - brine and ozone mix with a hint woodsy oak and rich vanilla.
    • Paris - rose and bright sparkling Moscato combine with a hint of patchouli for warmth.
    • Time Rots EverythingLemon mixes with patchouli, rose, mint and a bit of rosemary.
    • Even Hope - Floral plumeria with cool mint and the sugary sweetness of Captain Crunch.

    HP Potions

    • Polyjuice Potion - ripe peaches and sweet lychee with a hint of dry tobacco but still a very fruity and flirty scent.
    • Veritaserum - calming lavender, spicy pepper, and sweet grape soda because the truth can either be sweet or bitter and spicy.
    • Amortentia - a love potion that smells of sweet berries and citrus, rich spices like cinnamon and coriander, and black patchouli.
    • Draught of Living Death - one of my favorites, this smells of bright fruit, pineapple, orange, nutmeg, and a hint of cilantro.

    TIS San Antonio Scents

    • Don’t Play in a Graveyard - a complex mix of amber, sandalwood, vanilla, with floral rose and jasmine that has a hint of smoky musk.
    • Always Say Goodbye - rich cedar mixes with patchouli, blueberry, rich spice, and a hint of thyme and caramelized sugar.
    • Summoning Spirits - a scent to warm you, this smells of rich cocoa, cinnamon, myrrh, orange, and warming clove.

    AHS II

    • ApocalypseA complex mix of root beer, nectarines, sandalwood, and herbal basil.
    • Forbidden FruitSmells of slightly overripe apples, sweet wine, and a hint of smoky fireplace.
    • Witches and Warlocks - A complex mix of vanilla, spice, tobacco, and herbaceous greenery.


    • Pineapple Upside Down Cake - caramelized pineapples and rich cake. Smells good enough to eat but don’t!
    • Straight Out of the Dryer - smells like fresh laundry and dryer sheets.
    • PSL - pumpkin spice with a hint of brown sugar and coffee.
    • Caramel Macchiato - rich caramel and vanilla meld together in harmony.

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    What are Scroaps?

    Scroaps are whipped soap with added sugar for extra scrubbing/exfoliating. It has less sugar than a traditional sugar scrub to keep it soft yet effective. [Scr]ub + s[oap]

    What are Meringues?

    Meringues are whipped soap so they are nice and fluffy like a well made meringue!

    What are Super Scroaps?

    Super scroaps use turbinado sugar and even more of it to give the same refreshing experience as a scroap with even more scrubbing and exfoliating power!

    What are Undies?

    Some colors made with Unicorn Pee pigment are really shear by nature and are rare and expensive. To help them build up to a more opaque finish, it is more cost effective to use a creme in the same base color with no pigment for the first coat or two. All undies compliment a specific pigmented polish.

    Passionfruit Peach Scent
    Passionfruit Peach Scent
    Passionfruit Peach Scent
    Passionfruit Peach Scent