What are Scroaps?

Scroaps are whipped soap with added sugar for extra scrubbing/exfoliating. It has less sugar than a traditional sugar scrub to keep it soft yet effective. [Scr]ub + s[oap]

What are Meringues?

Meringues are whipped soap so they are nice and fluffy like a well made meringue!

What are Super Scroaps?

Super scroaps use turbinado sugar and even more of it to give the same refreshing experience as a scroap with even more scrubbing and exfoliating power!

What are Undies?

Some colors made with Unicorn Pee pigment are really shear by nature and are rare and expensive. To help them build up to a more opaque finish, it is more cost effective to use a creme in the same base color with no pigment for the first coat or two. All undies compliment a specific pigmented polish.